Navio2 Cross Build for Pi3B

I tried cross building Navio2 for Pi3B
Uploaded make emlid_navio2 upload from host computer to Rpi through ssh…
Uploaded has been completed successfully
but when i execute sudo ./bin/px4 -s px4.config
it threw error specifying sudo: ./bin/px4: command not found
What happened??

You haven’t stated which location you’re running the command from, but it looks like you’re assuming that in such location you’ll have a subfolder bin with the px4 application inside, which is not the case as the command cannot be found.

It seems the command to run would be:
/bin/px4 -s px4.config

It worked for me…
Have you tested mpu9250 i2c with navio

No. Previous response was just *nix basic command