Navigation Lights

Hi, What’s the latest with support for WS2812 navigation/mode lighting in PX4? Last time I looked there wasn’t any available, but that was about a year ago.

If there aren’t any plans to support Neopixels / WS2812 LEDs, what do people currently use? I’m planning on rebuilding my EF120 (currently Betaflight) as a pixracer, but because of the extremely small size, there isn’t any room for an extra nano/micro to drive the LEDs.

I don’t believe there’s a driver for it, but if your interested in adding support I could help get you started.

@dagar is there any progress on this?

I am interested in custom lightening that is controllable via mavlink msg from companion computer. Instead of having extra hardware e.g. arduino that drives WS2812, I was thinking to write a driver for it in PX4 to control LED strip via AUX pins. So I thought to look if there is something already done. If not, it would be great to be pointed in the right direction.


If there is no plans for Nav lights support on the PX4. How do you use/hook-up the WS2812 leds? How do you connect the Pi?

Hi there is anyone working on this ?
@dagar: where would be the best place to start ?