Multirotor/ VTOL Manual Mode?

I’m trying to understand how each flight mode will affect my VTOL plane. In multicopter mode, what does “Manual” mode actually do? Looking at the documentation here, I see there are subsets of Manual listed (Acro, Stabilize, Rattitude), but which of those does it default to if the flight mode selected is just Manual?

There is no “MANUAL” mode for multicopters. How did you manage to select it?

Multicopter “Manual” is actually the same as “Stabilize”.

Thanks dagar. This might be a stupid question but is Acro mode available for VTOLs? The VTOL module is called vtol_ATT_control, so I wasn’t sure if it would work properly if Acro mode is selected…

VTOL really is just MC or FW with some help to switch between them. So yes it’s available in both FW and MC modes. No idea how well transition in acro works though. I would recommend trying in simulation first.