Multi-vehicle simulation with PX4, QGroundControl and MAVSDK

Hi guys,

I’m trying to run two drones on QGroundControl using px4_sitl. One of the drone receive his orders from QGC and the other one is controlled in Offboard mode via MAVSDK.

The issue that i have is that the drone controlled via MAVSDK enters the RC Loss failsaife when in offboard mode.
I already solved this issue when i tried to run only one drone by enabling the virtual joystick in QGC but now with two drones it doesn’t work anymore.
It doesn’t seems that the RC Loss failsaife can be disabled in QGC.

Do who have any idea how I could make this work ?
Thanks !

Ok I kinda fixed it …
I just forced the timeout value before the failsafe is raised to a high enough value.
It’s kinda nasty but is works … :slight_smile: