Multi-Vehicle Flight with ROS2 (not gazebo SITL)

Hello all,

Today I tried flying two px4 vehicles in offboard mode using ROS2. I changed MAV_SYS_ID so that two can connect to QGC simultaneously as well as making sure telemetry radio pairs were on different net ID via Mission Planner.

The problem was that only the first vehicle (MAV_SYS_ID of 1) would ARM via ROS2 topic VehicleCommand and not the other vehicle. Also, the second vehicle would continuously go in and out of failsafe.

Eventually I edited the VehicleCommand’s parameter source_system to match each of the vehicles’ MAV_SYS_ID (target_system was already matching each MAV_SYS_ID because of running multi-vehicle SITL simulation with gazebo prior to going out to fly). I assumed this was the issue of not being able to fly with two vehicles because now each vehicle has an onboard computer unlike the SITL where everything runs on a single computer. Once the source_system was edited, two vehicle flew in offboard mode.

My question is am I approaching this in the developer’s intended manner? I was not able to find any resource nor documentation on what source_system actually represents. Any input would be much appreciated, thanks in advance!