MS5525 speed sensor

Does QGC has a driver for the MS5525 speed sensor because I can’t make it work
I use the V1.65 and I tried the V1.7 dev. Even pb
There is an activity on the I2c bus (seen with an oscilloscope)
Do I manually change a parameter?
Currently, I use a 4525 and it works

Yes the MS5525 should work, I wrote the driver several months ago. You’ll need to use v1.7.0.

Which board are you using and where is it connected? You shouldn’t have to set any parameter to make it work.

I use a Dropix (French Pixhawk from Drotek), and the MS5525 is connected to the bus I2C1. And I tried the v1.7
But I received today a SDP33 and it works perfectly immediatly. So the MS5525 went directly in the drawer ;o)