mRobotics Control Zero F7/H7 Bootloader

Is there an ETA on a bootloader or can someone point me in the correct direction of one for getting PX4 running on a Control Zero F7. Any help would be greatly appreciated

well, i don’t think you will receive a good support on this forum, btw you must compile it by yourself and flash it with an stlink v3 mini with the jtag TC2030 cable

For mRo control zero F7/H7 (tested on the non-OEM version) you can flash over the USB interface.

Run this command:
make mro_ctrl-zero-f7 upload

if you get ‘Firmware not suitable error’, then run:

make mro_ctrl-zero-h7 upload

For more information check PX4 build documentation - Building PX4 Software | PX4 User Guide

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If he’s asking for PX4 guidance this is the correct forum, we fully support mRo products.