Mount FC Off Center

Is there currently code implemented to allow for the flight controller to be mounted away from the Center of Mass? I’m imagining X, Y, and Z parameters somewhere that describe the offset from the COM, and that the flight controller would somehow use this information to account for accelerations in the IMU during rotation.

I know that if you are “close” to the COM, that it usually works “well enough”. But I’m wondering if it’s already in place somewhere to make it even better for systems where it is impossible or difficult to mount right at the COM.

I didn’t find anything in my initial search.

It is supported with EKF2.

Check out
Look for EKF2_IMU_POS_X etc.

Ah OK. I use the LPE. Nothing in the LPE to support this yet?

I don’t think so. And it probably won’t be added either. LPE is considered legacy at this point and is no longer seeing active development.

I see those parameters, but I don’t see where in the code they are utilized. Is this feature implemented yet, or is it still in development? Could you point me to the right place in the code? I just see the values being pulled from the parameter and put in _params->imu_pos_body, but then nothing in the code uses that params variable.

seach in Firmware/src/lib/ecl/EKF, it’s used there.