Motor speed/control need help finding motor control functions

Hi I’m trying to play around with the motor control and how it changes from one speed to the next… Does anyone know where to begin? or where the functions are that control the motors?

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How can you push or control their speed directly? or modify the outgoing pwm signal?

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Did you figure this out? I am also interested in this question

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I am looking for the same answer. Because I want to control the motor by modification in PWM out of the Pixhawk 4 board. I want to control the motor by just publishing it to right module from the simple app. But the problem is I am unable to distinguish which module I need to start with. The code is too complicated and there is not proper explanation available also. So if anyone have any answers please do reply. Thanks


In order to facilitate the balancing of propellors, I too would like to control the motors directly.

For me what would be ideal, would be a “diagnostic mode” in which the speed of each motor could be controlled via the position of one of the transmitter sticks.

With the sticks centralised no motor would be running. Moving the stick fore and aft / right or left would run a corresponding motor from zero to full speed.

During this operation the PX4 would log (and ideally transmit / display) raw X, Y and Z accelerometer outputs

Alternatively, the same feature within QGround Control would be just as welcome

Seems a shame to have hack this and couple up a servo tester when we have all this hardware in place.

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

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