Most wanted QGC features


This was a bug in the Windows installer. Fixed in Stable 3.4.1.


Trying to get OSX version into the store now. After that will look at Windows. Downloading from store gets you the update mechanisms.


I implemented motor test something like 3 years ago. I gave up asking for MOTOR_TEST to be implemented in firmware a while ago.


That seems odd. If I’m in town I’m on Slack or Gitter all the time.


@bkueng If you implement MOTOR_TEST you can just un-ifdef the motor test component in PX4AutoPilotPlugin::vehicleComponents to test. It all in QGC already.


This affects ArduPilot more than PX4. PX4 uses categorization metadata which is user friendly. ArduPilot does not. Hence you just get categories based on parameter name prefix. Which isn’t super helpful. If ArduPilot supported user friendly categorization it may be better.

That said it would be easy to add an All Parameters view. But not sure if that just add more ui cruft. Search searches all the info for a parameter not just the name. That still seems like the best way to find a param. So if you get something close you usally get the param.


@DonLakeFlyer Hopefully it’s not too late for another suggestion.

I’m a hobbyist and have no coding/programming experience so when it comes to tuning a setup, the slider was more relative than numerical values. It would be ideal that the tick marks and slider from the previous versions, be integrated with the numerical values above them. I think that would serve a wide range of experience levels. This would be akin to the radio dial of the FM radio. One could put it to a general area that would be functional and stable, then use the numerical values to fine tune it.



@rollys Can you put you complaints on the new slider into an Issue? That’s a new thing which still needs some work. Initially I didn’t quite get what the compaint was but now I understand it better,.


Filed #6808 .



Cool! It’s up to the Firmware devels then. I’ll have a look when I find the time.


RTK GPS base position saving feature !
that skips correction when it installed in same place
MP has one but QGC doesn’t
which makes us to wait for least half an hour every flight time or even when disconnected


-An option to assign flight modes (or custom commands) to joystick buttons would be sweet, also , there should be a way to handover to RC (stop/start MANUAL_CONTROL packets)


Flight Modes should already be there as available button actions?