More info on the SITL Gazebo IMU plugin

I am trying to implement my own custom quadcopter and can’t find much documentation on the IMU plugin (libgazebo_imu_plugin.cpp)

Using Iris.sdf as a template it looks like I need to define an IMU link which is located at 0,0,0 at connected by a revolute joint to the base link (axis 1,0,0). I put this into my model (a custom quad x) but am not getting valid accelerometer values. (z axis reads -16.xx and -3.xx).

Is there any more info on how this plugin is supposed to be properly implemented onto a model? What is the purpose of the revolute joint?

edit: it turns out the invalid Accel values are tied to my links connected by fixed joints.



I have the same problem for now. I have implemented a copy-pasted structure of imu_link from plane.sdf file. and I am getting invalid IMU data.

Are you able to expand your finding of the influence of fixed joints to invalid accelerometer data?

Is there some more info for proper implementation of gazebo_imu_plugin on to the model?

I have no solution to this issue. I had to go ahead and rebuild my models just using a single base link and a mesh instead of individual links connected by fixed joints.