Mixer from SDcard

Can you help me?

Hi, I would like to try my mixer file (cyclic.txt). It is very simple but I have not been able to make it work in my pixracer.

#quadrotor X
R: 4x 10000 10000 10000 0

# left servo
M: 2
S: 1 0 -5000 -5000 0 -10000 10000
S: 1 1 5000 5000 0 -10000 10000

# right servo
M: 2
S: 1 0 -5000 -5000 0 -10000 10000
S: 1 1 -5000 -5000 0 -10000 10000

is installed in microsd/etc/mixers/cyclic.txt

I have also tried to include a config.txt file with the following information

MIXER cyclic set
set PWM_AUX_OUT 12
set PWM_AUX_MIN 1000
set PWM_AUX_MAX 2000

What instructions are you following?

Hi, I followed these instructions


And at the end the bootlog.txt file is created in the SD
root with the following message

ERROR [init] Failed loading mixer: /etc/mixers/cyclic.main.mix

Ok, it looks like it looks for the mixer file in the wrong location.

I can see that only replacing a mixer file using the same name is supported:

What airframe have you selected?

Hi JulianOes

I am using an X4 quadrotor, my intention is to add two servos that functions as the elevons of a delta wing that works with attitude control.

I have a question, only .txt files are placed on the sd card, right?

According to https://dev.px4.io/v1.9.0/en/concept/system_startup.html#starting-a-custom-mixer you can replace the mixer file but it needs to have the same filename as the one that is chosen by the airframe.

An alternative is to just build the firmware yourself and add a new airframe with the mixer file that you need.