Help With Custom Mixers


Hello all, looking for help swapping out a mixer file. I’m currently using a copy/paste of the exact file the airframe calls up in order to avoid other issues inside the mixer until I can get it to load. I’ve copied the text file into Notepad ++, set EOL Conversion to Unix, saved as XXXX.main.mix, placed file onto microSD. When I use the NSH command mixer load /dev/pwm_output0 /fs/microsd/etc/mixers/XXXX.main.mix it returns an NSH prompt (no errors) but all RC outputs go to zero. Since the file contents are 100% the same as the original I’m assuming it is a file naming or formatting error. Any help is much appreciated.



Which version of PX4 are you using?
Here are the docs.
In the NSH console, can you see your file?
(cd fs/microsd/etc/mixers/ then type ls)

Hi R, thx for helping out.

Currently running 1.8.1.

Entering nsh> cd fs/microsd/etc/mixers/

response is

cd: chdir failed: No such file or directory

response is same for cd fs/microsd/etc/

If on the other hand I enter cd fs/microsd/ i get command prompt then enter ls the response is:

System Volume Information/

Thx again!


I have a multi-rotor drone and I’ve set up the model and run it on PX4. Now, I need to make some modifications to make the motors tilt at an angle on the arms, and I know this will affect some files. Can you tell me how to do that? Thank you.