Mixer does not process MAIN 8

Hey all, I face an issue others have also faced in this forum regarding the mixer. In my main mixer file, 8 engines are actuated with 6 input signals (roll, pitch, yaw, x, y, z), respectively. This leads to the 8th MAIN port not outputting any signals. I strongly suppose that it is a memory issue, since other users have also indicated it in other threads and reducing the input signal size of the 8th MAIN port to 2 inputs (e.g. roll and pitch) allows the 8th MAIN port to output signals.

So my question is, if it is an hardware limitation or if the maximum mixer size can be adjusted in the software. The mixer is running on a Cube Orange. Thanks in advance.

Did you resolve this query .

No, I still have to shorten the 8th MAIN output to 2 instead of 6 incoming control signals to get it work.

Great !! Do you have any idea regarding why the QGC app while enabling Stabilized flight mode returns immediately back to Manual mode .It happens in all mode that it returns back to manual mode ! I am using a fixed wing with PX4 stack

It would be better to create a seperate topic to discuss your problem. But I can give you a short possible answer, however i’m new to PX4:

Depending on what airframe class you are using, the *_apps file in ROMFS/px4fmu_common/init.d starts specific modules like an attitude controller, rate controller, etc. You have to take a look if commands for stabilized flight mode is specified at all in one of these modules.

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I have resolved this issue. I didn’t specify the pwm values for the different flight modes for the specific radio transmitter buttons and allocate channels on these radio buttons after a recent firmware update.
Its all working now as one piece !
thank you