Migrade rust-mavlink repo under Dronecode

Hi all,

the current rust-mavlink repo owned by 3drobotics is no longer maintained (please see the discussion there https://github.com/3drobotics/rust-mavlink/issues/10 ).

One of the ideas that came out of that discussion was to migrate the repository under Dronecode or Mavlink organizations, so it can be better supported moving forward.

Right now, me and @tstellanova are the most active developers there, and we are happy to continue supporting the repository, and push new versions of rust-mavlink to crates.io.

Since this is my first post here, I am asking if that sounds like a good idea to you, and if there are some additional steps/goals you would like to discuss. I think Mavlink organization would be a better home for this repo, as it is focused solely on Rust implementation of Mavlink protocol.

Maybe @rroche has some additional input?


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I agree that Mavlink would be a better host organisation than DroneCode.

Understood. I posted my question at Mavlink message board. Thanks for your feedback!

@podhrmic Personally I think it is a good idea to move it into the MAVLink project.

However I don’t think we should accept contributions that we can’t maintain. So the first point would be a commitment from you to maintain and continue developing it to the point where it is a first class MAVLink library. Eventually that would mean ensuring it is compliant with test suites etc that are under development.

I think we need this to support both MAVLink 1 and MAVLink 2 according to the spec.

@LorenzMeier Do you have an opinion on this?

It would definitely be appropriate to be hosted under the upstream project - in this case this would clearly the MAVLink project, which tries to be a standard, rather than a specific stack.

@podhrmic We discussed this in the MAVLink devcall last night. The consensus is that we’re interested, and would like to arrange a brief meeting to discuss this with you further - essentially your plans, goals, where the project is now, and what needs to happen going forward.

We could do this at a dev call - Wednesday 2 weeks from now, 6pm AEST. Otherwise contact me at hamishwillee at gmail dot com with some times that might suit you and we can work towards a time. I’m based in Australia, and we have people who might be interested in this in Switzerland and US too.

@hamishwillee sounds good! The only minor problem is that when it is 6pm in Australia (AEST), it is midnight in Portland, Oregon (PST):-/ I will email you separately about a different meeting time.


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