Microdds_client is missing on PX4 firmware for HoverGames drone

Hello to everyone!

Dear community, I aim to create a serial link between the FMU from a HoverGames drone running PX4 and an offboard computer. To do this, the PX4 firmware must include the microdds-client. Accordingly, with the documentation, this client is included by default in the PX4 firmware.

By running:

nsh> microdds_client status

on MAVLink Console from QgroundControl, I get: “micro dds_client: command not found”. When I execute:

nsh> help

no microdds_client was present.

I tray these steps on my initial PX4 version (it was 1.12.3 I think), and after I updated PX4 through QgroundControl (now the version is 1.13.12) the same result.

So, do any of you know what the problem is? I will appreciate any suggestion.

Thank you!

Partially I solve the problem by using PX4 version 1.14.0beta - here the microdds_client is part of the PX4 firmware.

But, I get the error: “CPU load too high: 95.5%”, and through COM_CPU_MAX I silence the audio warning. Problem is that I want to fly the real drone and in this case the stable version is desired.

So, I start the steps to include microdds_client in the PX4 image.

As a result, in the latest PX4 stable version 1.13.12, I modify the default.px4board associated with NXP drone, and now the microdds_client is theoretical included in PX4 firmware. But, when I make the project (make nxp_fmuk66-v3_default), the following error is pop up:

"CMake Error at src/modules/microdds_client/CMakeLists.txt:119 (add_dependencies):
  The dependency target "topic_bridge_files" of target
  "modules__microdds_client" does not exist."

Please, can any one present the steps to include microdds_client in the PX4 image or to solve this error?

Thank you very much!!!


Please check if this helps.

Dear Mr. Mzahana,

My problem is that the " XRCE-DDS client module is included by default in all firmware and the simulator." So, this module should be included, but it is not included in PX4 v1.13.2 of the NXP HoverGames drone. So, as a direct result, I’m unable to do any steps, mainly because microdds_client binary does not exist.

Thanks a lot for the effort! Do you have any other ideas on this direction?