MAVSDK clear mission async callback never gets called

I am using MAVSDK based program on a Companion Computer and conencting to PX4 SITL with Jmavsim using MAVSDK interface. I created a mission and uploaded it using Mission plugin. Uploading works fine. But when I try to call “mission->clear_mission_async(clear_mission_async_handler);”
The callback handler never gets called by Mavsdk.
Question - Is clear_mission_async() functional in Mavsdk? If so how do I troubleshoot this issue? What info from my program do you need from me to help support debug this issue?

@avian This issue sounds very similar to, where it was reported that set_current_mission_item_async doesn’t call the callback either. It is fairly likely that this is a MAVSDK bug. Just posting this here for reference.