MAVROS & ROS2 offboard control with new dynamic mixing system

Hello everyone,

I would like to ask if there is a ‘ready’ solution to send in 3D force & 3D torque commands to the new dynamic mixing system to control a fully/over-actuated multirotor (with MAVROS or ROS2).

I am trying to control a fully/over-actuated multirotor with an offboard controller running in ROS(1 or 2), and the output of this controller will be a 6D wrench (3D force & 3D torque) then the new mixing system will handle the control allocation.

To be clear, I do not want to use the PX4 cascaded controllers.

Currently, with standard quad/hexarotor, we use MAVROS ActuatorControl messages to send the normalized 3D torque and thrust commands to the old mixing system, and we want to use a similar approach with the new mixing system to control fully/over-actuated multirotors.

@sfuhrer & @bkueng can you please advise us about this?

Ayham Alharbat


The simplest for now is to publish the actuator thrust and torque topics when receiving the ActuatorControl message if the dynamic mixing is enabled.
It’s these 2 topics:

Hi @bkueng,

Thanks for the quick response! I have a follow-up question:

Do these commands have to be normalized? I thought that you will be giving up the ‘normalization’ of these signals according to this presentation.

Yes we still use normalized values for now.