MAVROS plugins for non-FCU

Hi everyone!

My goal is to control a camera through an app on a remote.
I’ll start by explaining the chain my message has to travel:
App (mavlink message) → airlink → flight controller (only used to route the message) → onboard computer with MAVROS (ROS2 Humble) → controller node camera → camera

When I try to send a Mavlink command from the remote to the onboard computer running MAVROS, I can see this message in the topic /uas1/mavlink_source.
However, I would like to parse this message (and others) into topics like the topics for the FCU (for example /mavros/camera/zoom or /uas1/camera/zoom). It would be nice for example if I could have a topic for a heartbeat of the FCU as well as my app.

The app obviously has a different system/component ID than the FCU.
I made plugins for MAVROS before to parse messages from the flight controller but I fail to see how I can make a plugin for a message from a different Mavlink system ID.

Is this even possible or do I have to just subscribe to /uas1/mavlink_source and filter out my messages from there?

Thank you so much to anyone who can help me :smiley:

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