Send mavlink message to specific component id


I have mavros running on a Jetson NX companion computer. Mavros is connected to a pixracer running ardupilot via serial. The pixracer is connected to a simpleBGC gimbal via serial and communicating with it over mavlink.

I would like to send mavlink messages spesifically targeting the gimbal component, as the gimbal does not support broadcasted messages. For example mav_cmd_set_message_interval.

As I have researched, I can’t see how I can change the target_compid which mavros operates with. As such, I tried to make a mavros plugin and sending raw mavlink messages with UAS_FCU(m_uas)->send_message_ignore_drop();, where I am able to specify target_sysid and target_compid. However, this does not work either.

So I was wondering if this is even possible? Maybe I have overlooked something which is obvious to an experienced mavros developer?