Mavlink-router not working for companion computer


I tried to use an application on companion computer(Raspberry Pi) to communicate with px4 jmavsim simulator on my laptop ubuntu, but failed.

px4 version 1.11.3

On laptop ubuntu( IP:,I run the simulator jmavsim as follows:

make px4_sitl_default jmavsim

On companion computer ubuntu(IP:, I run the mavlink-router and the application mavlink_control as follows:

mavlink-routerd –e

mavlink_control -u

The mavlink_control program does not get any heartbeat message from px4 + jmavsim in my laptop.

Anybody can indicate what’s wrong with it ? Thank you in advance.

I tried hard and solved above problem myself.

  1. the mavlink-router should run on laptop side.
  2. my companion computer(raspberry pi)IP is
    run mavlink-router as follows:
    ./mavlink-routerd -e
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