Mavlink LED controller V2.0 not working

I am trying to configure Mavlink LED with but I am unable to get it working. When I boot Ardupilot firmware it works properly but not with PX4. Has anyone got it working? Please let me know.

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I have the same Problem. I tried different baud rates and different Mavlink settings. Still not working. Did you found a solution so far?

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I’ve had the same issue—just hoping someone has figured a workaround. Tried with Ardupilot and it works out of the box, tried with PX4 with 57600 baud(among others) and all different Mavlink modes, with no success.

It would be really nice to have external LEDs that work with PX4 out of the box. This would help with flying in low light conditions, for one. Sure, I could wire up simple red/green LEDs for navigation lights, but being able to use this MAVlink board would be nice as it also displays low battery, GPS lock, etc.