Manual Control via Telemetry 2 in Position Control Mode

Hi all,

We know that the Telemetry 1 port accepts the manual control messages from Virtual Joystick of QGC (in position control mode for ex). Will there be a problem if we use Telemetry 2 port for this manual control message (from a companion computer) when the virtual joystick and RC commander is off? I will use Telemetry 2 port with mavlink onboard configuration but i won’t use the offboard mode, rather, i will use position control mode.



The problem was about the uart ttl levels. 5V vs 3.3V. The message was being received by px4 wrongly.

i am doing the same things,i send manual control mavlink msg to px4 by use telem2.But px4 is no action. My px4 is running in HIL mode with airsim.