Make px4_sitl gazebo is not opening the simulator

Hello, I recently setup my PX4 ubuntu toolchain on Ubuntu 18.04.05 - where I cloned the px4 repo and ran the ubuntu.bash script from the Tools folder inside PX4-Autopilot. The installation seemed to be okay, however when I run “make px4_sitl gazebo” it builds a few files and then is stuck with the following command “INFO [simulator] Waiting for simulator to accept connection on TCP port 4560”.

I had been running this command earlier on Ubuntu 20 and even 18 and gazebo launched perfectly okay when I did that. Any reasons why this is happening?

@Dinesh_S_Kumar Are you sure you have gazebo running?

Hey, I do have gazebo running. Turns out it was some bad file that got corrupted. I did a total reinstall and it did not give me any more issues.