LPE cannot enter altitude control

Dear all,
LPE cannot enter altitude control mode. I use the latest stable version firmware downloaded by QGC, and I use pixracer. QGC always says reject altitude control, but using position_estimate_inav works perfect. Can anyone tell me how to fix it?

PS: I do not use GPS or px4flow, just use baro.

That should be fixed in latest master. Not sure if it’s in 1.5.0rc1 though

Hi guys,

I may have this exact problem.

I am only able to enter: Manual/Stabilized/Acro/Ratitude

I am fully calibrated including GPS and external Baro (3DR)

All other modes are rejected, and i get no explanation.

Tried PX4 Stable/DEV/RC/Beta, no change

With the last message, i understand this is an upcoming fix, but i am not even sure it is the same issue…

How can i be sure?



If you don’t have a good GPS signal, LPE might reject all “assisted” flight modes.

So, I think LPE is a little bit harsh, which cannot be entered if certain constraints are not fullfilled. Is it possible to make it a little bit lessened, i.e., entering position control even if GPS or optical flow are both not present.