Low level quadcopter control on companion computer

I want to control a quadcopter by directly controlling the motor speed with a companion computer.
Is it possible to use IO_pass.main.mix mixer and RC_CHANNELS_OVERRIDE mavlink message?
Is there other possible solution?

Hi @JonathanPlasse ,

Using the passthrough mixer as you said might work.

However, there is no dedicated interface for such application mainly because (I’m sorry to say that) it’s not something you should do.
The reason is that the delay, update frequency and stability of the companion link is critical and known to be not that reliable. Even if the link is good, it might be difficult to stabilize properly the drone and if the link breaks, you can end up with the motors at a random speed that could lead to a dangerous crash.
I would suggest to use the companion computer to provide higher level inputs and keep the attitude and rate controllers onboard (ot at least the rate controller).

See here for details ont roll/pitch/yawrate/thrust offboard control: https://github.com/PX4/Firmware/pull/12061

Again, you will end up really frustrated if you try to control the motors of the drone from an offboard computer :expressionless:

Good luck!

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