Loss and gain of altitude of in position mode flight

I am using modalai flight core as external flight controller with modalai voxl2. Additionally, it has a range finder as primary sensor to augment the altitude data. I have observed that when I move forward with throttle at 50%, it is gaining some altitude and come reverse (along negative x axis w.r.t body frame axis ) it is loosing altitude. The gain and loss of altitude is around ±0.2m. It is not a sensor issue, as during flight the changes in altitude are visible in mavlink inspector in distance sesnor segment and as soon as I stop giving pitch or roll input (throttle always at 50%) it comes back to its correct altitude. This phenomena is only observed when the quad is in motion. I have set the offset parameters with respect to cg for both the flight-core and range finder. But, I am still observing this issue. How to solve it?

@AWilkins_Ascend makes any sense?

I would say a small change in altitude during pitch and roll movements is not uncommon, but you could attempt to PID tune and enable MC_AIRMODE to try and resolve this

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