Unexpected loss of height in Position Mode

I am trying to tune PX4 for a 900 mm size custom frame quadrotor with 18 inch propellers. It uses the Pixhawk 4 flight controller.

I have been tuning this aircraft for some time now. There is one problem which I can’t seem to tune out is that the aircraft has an unexpected loss of altitude when it tries to stop after a manual roll or pitch command.
This video which shows this behavior. I am just commanding a roll angle for some time with my radio and just letting the sticks go off which means that the aircraft should slow down and stop but the aircraft tries to stop a bit more aggressively and also loses altitude. It then attains the lost altitude slowly after it has stopped.
I am also attaching my log file (log) for this particular flight.

Please help me with what tuning parameter am I missing or which tuning parameter needs to be tuned.

Sounds a like a barometer dynamic pressure effect. Try adjusting EKF2_PCOEF_XN and EKF2_PCOEF_XP