Logging sensor_gyro_fifo and sensor_accel_fifo data issue

I was trying to log IMU raw FIFO data by setting SDLOG_PROFILE = 771 (=2^0+2^1+2^8+2^9). However, I got the same logging results as setting SDLOG_PROFILE = 3 (=2^0+2^1). I expect sensor_gyro_fifo and sensor_accel_fifo messages should be logged when setting SDLOG_PROFILE = 771. But it was not happening. Can anyone let me know what should be done in order to get sensor_gyro_fifo and sensor_accel_fifo messages?

I was using px4_v1.11.3 stable version. And I do see these logger module message:
INFO [logger] logger started (mode=file)
INFO [logger] Logging FIFO data: increasing task prio and logging rate
INFO [logger] Start file log (type: full)
INFO [logger] [logger] ./log/2022-08-05/05_22_20.ulg
INFO [logger] Opened full log file: ./log/2022-08-05/05_22_20.ulg

But no IMU FIFO files found by either using “ulog2csv” log analysis tool

or matlab’s ulogreader() then readTopicMsgs():

Many thanks