Accelerometer and Gyroscope Log Data

I am trying to characterize the uncertainties of both the on board IMU’s for the pixhawk 4. From the u-log even though there are two sensors it only displays one set of accelerator information. Does anyone know how to get the raw data for both of the sensors?

Additionally since u-log only logs one sensor, which sensor is that?

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Got any updates on that issue ?

Have you look at the SDLOG_PROFILE parameter?

I have used profile 6 (sensor comparison), but couldn’t get a plot of the raw data for the two accelerometer on the online flight analysis tool. I just used flightplot locally and I can now see the raw data plot, I guess its a problem of my understanding of how to use the online tool.

I have been trying to understand how to get the raw data for the two sensors on mavros though, I have /mavros/imu/data_raw and /mavros/imu/data topics only