Logging Problem PX4FMU_V2 V1.8.2

Hi there,

I am using a PX4 with F450 frame and version 1.8.2. PX4FMU_V2

My logger parameters are like following

From the documentation, I know that if SDLOG_DIRS_MAX is equaled to zero. The system must delete past log when it reached the 300MB. However, my system is not deleting past logs and not storing current logs. When I remove the past logs, it is not logging either. The only solution I find is formatting SD to FAT again and reinstall PX4 from zero. Also when it reaches to 300 MB, it stops logging too. So this solution is not permanent.

Is there any other solutions, which I do not want to reload PX4 over and over again. If you have any questions about this problem to solve this issue I am willing to help and answer them.


This sounds like a bug. @bkueng what do you think?

Have you tried if the behaviour is better with 1.9.0 (master)?

Not really. I did not use v1.9.0 because it did not release as stable yet. However, I believe that I faced with the same problem at v1.8.1 too.

I believe there was a fix around that after 1.8.2, so you should try with 1.9