Logfile Transfer speed

Hello! i am in real need of help on this issue .
The major issuse here is Logfile transfer speed at the moment its about 50 to 60kbs for files that are upp to 150- 170Mb logfile. The reason why its so big its becouse we use the Rov to inspect aquaculture cages and nets for holes. takes about 2hours or more on 1 nets"cage" .
We use mavlink 4g for transfering livefeed over to our Rov oprerators on land and works perfecly almost everytime . we do record inspections for costumers but we also do it for developing an artificial intelligence. That what we need the Logfiles for but with the transfer speed being that slow we can’t download them fast enough .
so im kindly asking if anyone could help me with this issuse. the rov are located around the country so its not that easy to fetch the log files in person.