Log files with name: "Date Unkown"

Hello everyone,

Recently we whilst viewing our log files we are getting quite a few with “Date Unkown”, as the file name. Approximately 50% of our log files are named like this now, which is rather strange. I would like to include one but unfortunately the site doesn’t allow the upload of .ulg or .txt files.

Does anyone know what could cause this behaviour?

Kind regards,

Tijmen Kroezen

You can upload ulog files to https://logs.px4.io and then paste the link here.

I would guess that this happens if you don’t have GPS and the Pixhawk does not have the time (anymore) either because it never had a time set or because it has no RTC battery, or the RTC battery is empty.

Ah great, here it is: https://logs.px4.io/plot_app?log=55881a2b-265a-4000-8277-64e75ecc1062

Is there a way around it in case i’m not using GPS?
Can I update the time in any other way?

Yes, you can set it in the Nuttshell using the system_time command:

You can get the shell using mavlink_shell.py or in QGroundControl.

Thanks! I will try that as soon as possible