Log file (very long) ends mid-air

Hi all,

I was doing a bunch of testing with an IC engine before the flight and so left the pixhawk armed for a very long time (+1hr).

Everything went very well and it flew a mission perfectly, but the px4 ulog file ends abruptly right after the switch to mission mode: Flight Review

I noticed nothing odd when flying, so I don’t think it was a power failure.

I also got this good tlog from the qgc telemetry: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ivNkPorO8Ak7SupxlAJg9CpfxmS0U4v_

which show the good flight:

Is the long arm time reason to cause this behaviour? Should I disarm and rearm in situations like this to have a cleaner log?

Also, what if I wanted to fly for all this time? Is it possible?

Thank you,
Miguel Barros

I just noticed the Flight review has the pre-flight additional data, but not the post-flight, which others flights such as this one have https://review.px4.io/plot_app?log=ffd96546-e9f8-4dcd-bf83-c8f0ecc7e3aa. But, the post-flight number show up in the end of the file.
Is it possible the file is corrupted mid-way through? Is there any way to verify and try to repair this?
I tried reading the file with pyulog, but it also ends abruptly at the same time.

I replied here: https://github.com/PX4/flight_review/issues/131

Generally it’s not an issue to have large log files (or let it run for a long time), but obviously your download/upload times will increase however.

Your fix was perfect, thanks for the help!