[load mon] navigator low on stack!(204bytes left)

Firmware:px4 v10
FC : pixhawk2.4.8
It is supposed to fly waypoint using mission mode, but it will hover stationary on the spot until the battery runs out. When I analyzed the log, it showed
“[load mon] navigator low on stack!(204bytes left)”.
I am attaching the logs below, so if anyone has any insight into the cause, please let me know.
Flight Review - Quadrotor.pdf (1.3 MB)

The error message was not the reason why it keeps hovering. (Its just a notification, not a critical error message.)
It was caused by the specification of mission mode. After changing the parameter “MIS_YAW_TMT” from -0.01 to 20sec. I guess it was a problem about the yaw control when the copter heads to the waypoint.

I am recording this as a reminder for those who have encountered similar problems.