LiPow - The USB C LiPo Battery Charger


This project uses USB Type C with Power Delivery to charge Lithium Polymer batteries. It supports charging 1s-4s batteries and supports balancing for 2s-4s packs. The device supports charging up to 100W (16.8V at 6A).

Input is a USB Type C Port. Charging is done through an XT60 connector and has JST connectors for balancing 2s-4s packs.

The device will be pre-programmed with a fixed max current limit of 6A. Everything runs automatically and will charge up to the max capability of the connected USB PD power supply if the max current output limit exceeds the input power supply. Lower current limits can be programmed as well.

The only user feedback is through an RGB LED.

First prototypes should be arriving in late December 2018 and units will be for sale around March 2019.

For updates and ongoing documentation check out the project on


PCBs arrived and the first prototype is built! Now I just need to write firmware and test.



I’m working with Seeed Studio to rebase their drone hardware products, is this something they can sell on their platform?



I could sell through Seeed Studio. I am close to having beta units ready. Trying to decide where to sell the product. Tindie, Group Gets, Seeed Studio, etc.


Groupgets can be a good platform for initial launch! Groupgets also works with Sparkfun and that would be an excellent channel when product and demand is proved.


I have listed Lipow on Tindie to start.

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LiPow is now available for purchase!

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