Lidarlite v3 driver does not automatically start with I2C


Hi everyone, I found this problem after i tried to install my new lidarlite v3 which bought in April 2019. i have to manually start by “ll40ls start” and it is not 100% guarantee of work. sometimes i have to manually start 3 times before it works.

i tested this on firmware version v1.8.0, v.1.8.2, v1.9.0 Release candidate. For hardware i tested on pixhawk 3 and 4, i got the same result.

I never found this problem on my old Lidarlite v3 which bought since 2017. I found couple of issues post in px4discuss and github, however, it has not fixed yet.

The attached images show how difference between 2 sensors (only name plate). i manually start and driver could start perfectly sometimes, it is not 100% as image number 2, i found the failure 2 times before it works!!