Lidar Lite v3 Inconsistency

Hello guys and girls, my first post here. I’m hoping you can help me out.

I have a pixhawk 1 with Lidar Lite v3. I have multiple Lidar sensors of which I can choose which to use (say lidar A, B and C). Now here’s the thing:

When I connect Lidar B or C (so connect 5V etc.), and connect to qGroundcontrol, there is no readings under Analyze–>Distance_sensor.current_distance.
When I connect lidar A, and turn on qGroundcontrol, I get correct readings under Analyze–>Distance_sensor.current_distance. If I then leave everything on and connected, but switch lidar A for lidar B or C, I get correct readings.
Once again if I reboot with lidar B or C I will get no readings.

The problem should be clear in the video below:

Does anybody have similar experiences or any explanations for this?
It seems the lidar is working but does not work after a reboot.

With kind regards,

One difference I think I see is that the lidars working on boot are labelled 2007, wile the ones not working on boot are 2014. This leads me to think perhaps they are not all v3 (although they all have the newer plugs).
Regardless my issue still remains.

Hi there, there is some work going on to fix some issues around versions of Lidar Lite. Have a look here: