Lightware SF11C LIDAR driver not started on Pixhawk 2.1

I have troubles connecting the lidar to the pixhawk over I2C port. After connecting the lidar to computer I get the readings but pixhawk doesn’t seem to see the lidar. No matter what firmware version I am running (tested on master, stable and beta releases), after running command “sf1xx info” I get information that driver is not started. Command “sf1xx start” results in error “driver failed to start”. Anyone who experienced similar problem? Any solutions?

Additionally, anyone knows how to upgrade firmware of the lidar? (Could this be an issue? I am running v1.1)


I had some quirks connecting it as well. Did you enable the SENS_EN_SF1XX flag?

Thanks for response! I enabled the flag. I also tried starting it up on different busses (as in this issue) but nothing seems to work.