Latest on 1.9.0 stable release?

I hate to be any trouble, but I’m needing the lidar lite v3hp to work and that pr was merged into 1.9.0. Since I heard it would be released as stable this month, I’ve been hoping to use it as such and avoid beta. I’m supposing that documentation would also be released accordingly?
any latest word? still on schedule? any word would help me plan.

ahem? …-clears throat-

is this the correct place for this question (vs "PX4 Autopilot)?
im wondering if the release is going to make the roadmap. Getting close to flight ready config (maybe this weekend) and need 1.9 for the lidarlite v3hp. i have the beta/db loaded and using it to setup, but hoping for “stable” status to fly.
any word?

@1Gump You can see the progress here

thx @Jaeyoung-Lim
that helped me to find a more applicable link in “release blockers”.