PX4 Sync / Q&A: June 12, 2024


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Release Discussion


@mwbb asked how the situation is with this PR
recommended to bring this on a specific hardware and use case since each end user requires different specific settings.

Some changes might be needed so that it is generalized to be merged.


@Rowan_Dempster asked about how to handle ekf replay and timestamps

@dagar and @bresch recommended to add logging ekf replay at the boot or prior to the arming couple seconds. Also maybe a more general way is available . EKF Reply overhaul PR maybe expected from dagar.

@bresch recommended to try this PR which is tested on hardware:
@AlexKlimaj will test it .


When is px4 1.15 released?

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Is there a reason for the delay in the release of version 1.15.0 stable? If a new release date has been set, I would like to know it.

@realstone1 @kiti1013
You could use

until the release tag is cut and can be done directly via QGC!