Land mode always land to X=0, Y=0

I am flying a drone without GPS but localized using visual odometry (VICON), using ROS 2 XRCE. All modes work fine, except land mode. I want to specify a landing target in local coordinates but the drone always tries to land at coordinates (0,0). This is mandatory for me since I am working with multiple drones and they collide because they want to land in the same spot.

I sent a VehicleCommand message with command VEHICLE_CMD_NAV_LAND and both if I specify the parameters as described or not the drone always tries to land at x=0 and y=0.

How can I do this? I simply need to make the drone land at the current X,Y location.

Hi @judocero , I noticed the same issue last week testing v1.14-rc1. Indoor drone under VICON, vehicle_visual_odometry provided by ROS 2, uXRCE-DDS. I couldn’t invest time into it though.
I’ll see if I can find and share the log.

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@Benja Thanks for the feedback. Is there any other way to perform a landing working around this issue?