Kakute H7 or H743

Hello everyone. Tell me, what is the difference between Kakute H7 and H743? I’m collecting VTOL and I don’t know which is better? Does BetaFlight support H743?

What do you mean with H743? Do you have a link?

Link: https://holybro.com/products/kakute-h743-wing?parent-baobab-id=ltb36mopfc

Ah, thanks!

On first glance it looks like you get a lot more pins and connectors on the H743, however, it’s slightly bigger. For VTOL probably a good choice.

Regarding betaflight, I don’t know. But I’m mentioning @Vincentpoont2, he’ll know.

Thank you for the answer, you helped me a lot!

@lordunknown52 The Kakute H743-Wing designed for fixed wing user and come with a Power board with 3 On-board BEC output 5V, 6V/8V and 9V/12V. It also has 1x CAN Bus, Dual Camera Inputs switch, Camera/VTX power switch, etc.

It has a header pin design so you can easily plug dupont connector into the Motor signal.

The H743 Wing is not supported in Betaflight. While the Kakute H7 is.

**Firmware Support for the H743 wing **

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Good afternoon. Thank you so much for your advice and help!