Just getting started, RC Transmitter & Receiver vs Telemetry Radio connection

Hi, I’m just starting out with building a drone. I have a S500 PX4 Drone (V2 KIT) without a RC Transmitter and Receiver. I do have a telemetry radio V3. But what is the difference between RC Transmitter/Receiver and telemetry radio and do you need a RC transmitter/receiver to fly with a drone? I did some research on the internet but didn’t find what I was looking for.

If I can use my drone with only telemetry radio, how do I set this up in qgroundcontrol?

Thanks in advance

To put it simple, RC radio is single direction while telemetry is a bidirectional radio.

You can fly with only telemetry radio. However you will need a RC radio to do some basic configuration and tuning to the drone before you can get a flyable drone.