Joystick(PX4) to Qgroundcontrol

Have a Pix4d and Taranis X9+ transmitter. Need to pass a serial feed through to RS232 to another datalink. Wondering if I can connect the USB port on the back of the Taranis X9+ to a laptop with QGroundcontrol. From The Laptop I would use a USB to R232 to the data link. Qgroundcontrol allows one to have Joystick functions.
The desire is to pass serial information from the transmitter via USB to the laptop and provide telemetry/C2 through Qgroundcontrol Laptop USB to RS232. Qgroundcontrol allows one to change the serial baud rate from the USB. If we can accomplish this then we can avoid the PPM microcontroller conversion to serial which I haven’t been able to figure out unless someone has suggestions there. I also notice the Taranis has a serial connection in the battery compartment but I do not think this is supported. Thanks,