Joystick Buttons are not saving on Android Device


I have connected a joystick to my android tablet. everything is fine except i need to re-assign every button (except toggle arm) each time i restart the software.

i am having this problem on PC too. anyone has a solution for this? especially on android devices.

What version of QGC are you using? If you don’t know it’s at the bottom of Setting/General page.

Hello, i am using v4.0.6 32bit.

Can you tell me what other OS you were seeing the same problem with? I don’t have joystick that works with Android so reproducing this on a desktop OS would be way easier for me.

On windows 10 it was same as well. buttons were resetting

You have one button for which the settings sticks, but the others don’t. Am I understanding that correctly. That is very strange. Can we move this problem to a QGC GitHub Issue and then I can give you some steps to help me debug from there.

Yep thats right. only toggle arm remains. Sure you can =)

I"m going to need you to enter the issue otherwise I’ll lose track of you on the GitHub side.

I’m not a github user so i kinda have no idea how am i going to do that. so if you can give me a link i think i will manage rest of it

I think some one else has the same problem as i do.