jMAVSim HITL quadcopter simulated vehicle to falls over immediately on takeoff

When trying to launch the vehicle in the simulated environment it hovers a little moves slightly and then falls over. Expected it to follow a simple predefined flight plan launched from QGC. 2 waypoints at 20m.

PX4 Toolchain v0.9 for Windows (Cygwin)
Followed steps to setup jMAVSim here and run HITL steps followed from here.

In the flight log messages you will see a warning saying: Stopping compass use! Check calibration on landing.
Before take off it tells me that some battery parameters not available and that compass needs calibration before take off. Compass has been calibrated however in Generic Quadcopter mode before switching to Quadcopter HIL. Unable to calibrate compass in HIL mode. Not sure if this message has to do with the preflight warning that the compass is uncalibrated.

Crashed Drone

AIRLink Flight controller
Hardware set up: Hardware - SKY-DRONES DOCS
PX4 architecture: V5X51