It jumps when it get height, COEX Clover 4 code

Hi everyone

have some trouble with using coex clever 4

im trying to learn how to program to control a drone autonomously. I use the included service Blockly. i write[1] and made a map by aruco markers[2].
so, I noticed that my drone have some issues with height. for example, usually when height gets up to 2meters it starts to move inconveniently, like it didn’t recognize markers under him. i have some interesting situations on video[links to videos [3],[4],[5] but i dont have logs of that flights(but i have code of it[6]), sd card was corrupted some how ¯_(ツ)_/¯ (it had issues from the beginning with reading it) The drone is kinda fine(all wires with no damage) except for propeilers.

now i have some questions about this things:

in last flights i caught that when it get height to 1.5meter drone get little jumps. i think did atempt of escape[5] may have caused this behavior?
after hit to wall this rpi warns apeared in script[7],[8], but in last check they didnt appear some how :confused: may be the issue is by battery or power thing?

And I have another thing to ask about aruco. So I set the map on the floor. all markers are kinda perfectly setted to center the null position at(0;0) position. but there one marker that centers off some how for 11-12cm, but distances by x and y are seted exactly as it shood be[9]. why can it be? i tryd to change marker with taughts like mayde with this problem(143) marker have some issues, i tryed to move it forward and to sides, no effects.

all mentions [1]-[9] are links, they are here Dropbox - px4-a - Simplify your life

logs in order by tests

at first i had block by chair) dont mind for strange moves