Issues with offboard mode outdoors (agressive attitude movements)

My team has been developing outdoor obstacle avoidance landing software for about a year now using PX4 firmware v1.2.0 on FMUv2 with an Intel NUC companion CPU running ROS, all flying on a DJI S1000+ frame. We recently started testing with firmware tag v1.5.5 and have run into the following issue:

While our platform flies smoothly in MANUAL, POSCTL, and AUTO modes, in OFFBOARD mode we find that the FMU initially commands very aggressive attitude changes when the offboard setpoint changes. We also perform a slow (10deg/sec) yaw-only maneuver while holding position, and observe large (15-20 deg) attitude oscillations during this maneuver that are not consistent with wind gusts.

Since these “jerky” movements don’t occur in other modes, it does not appear to be a PID tuning issue. Even tuning down the position and attitude controller loops fully, this issue doe not go away. A possible factor is switching from position estimator INAV to EKF2 from 1.2.0 to 1.5.5. We have not yet tried to tune EKF2.

Does anyone here have experience with a similar problem or advice concerning EKF2 tuning?

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@altug Same issue. Did you find a solution @sazimi ?