In Offboard mode, overshooting lateral position setpoints advice / inputs?

hi all,
Currently flying a DJI S1000 with firmware 1.6.5 (also tried 1.7.3 with the same effect) with an Intel NUC running ROS controlling the aircraft with position setpoints. We are using offboard mode (as opposed to auto mode) because we are using our own custom objective types.
Question is: is there a way / method to better control overshooting position set points? When flying to a waypoint in offboard mode, we are finding that the aircraft overshoots the waypoint by about 0.5 m or so before returning to requested position. This may sound like an EKF tuning issue (and if it is and there are tips for this, please share), but I believe a colleague here has already tried this (played with the P gain in x, y lateral) but to no success.
I am wondering if there is a known issue (or expected behavior) and if so, if it will be addressed in the upcoming 1.8 release.
Barring any simple solutions to fix this, we are considering implementing our own simple trajectory manager by setting breadcrumb waypoints tapered toward the goal waypoint to mitigate overshoot.
Any input / advice greatly appreciated!

flight logs here: